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Cypress Heating & Air is your source for an honest and reliable heating repair service in Glendora. We've served the Glendora and surrounding areas in eastern Los Angeles for nearly 6 decades! Our experts are guaranteed to be knowledgeable and provide honest feedback on the best approach to fixing or replacing your furnace and heating unit.


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Furnace Repair in Glendora

Furnaces are designed to last an average of 15 years. Along the way, your home furnace will surely exhibit some issues that need to be fixed in order to prolong its lifespan. The estimated lifespan of a furnace is only accurate if the furnace is properly cared for and maintained.


Look for any of these symptoms, which might be the start of bigger (and more expensive) problems with your furnace:


  • Your furnace unit has difficulty starting

  • Strange or abnormal smells are coming from your heating unit

  • The furnace does not heat your home properly or efficiently

  • Your heater is making loud noises

  • Air is circulating poorly from your furnace


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Replacing Your Home Furnace

Even with regular maintenance and proper care for your home furnace, eventually the unit will begin to fail. When the time comes to replace your furnace, choosing the right unit for your home can be a complicated and intimidating ordeal.


Luckily, the experts at Cypress Heating & Air are here to provide all the information you need for choosing the furnace that fits your needs.

How much will a new furnace cost?

The main factors affecting the price of a new furnace installation will depend on the model you choose and the environment in which the furnace needs to be installed.


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