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Improving Your Indoor Air Quality

Your indoor air quality has a significant effect on your family’s overall health and wellness. When allergens, pathogens, and other particulates get trapped inside your air ducts, they are circulated throughout your home and can cause allergies, asthma, and respiratory problems. These issues get worse as time goes on, unless you schedule regular air duct cleaning, duct and vent maintenance, and change your air filters often.

At Cypress Air, we offer comprehensive indoor air quality testing and assessments in San Gabriel Valley and portions of Orange County and the Inland Empire, so we can quickly determine if you have poor indoor air quality. We can then offer superior air quality improvements that will keep you and your family safe and healthy. To learn more or schedule an indoor air quality assessment, just call us today.

A Person Checking the air flow

The Importance of Indoor Air Quality

Every day, whether you are inside or outside, you are exposed to a huge variety of different airborne contaminants and irritants. Most of the time, they don’t affect your health or safety at all. However, for most people, their home is where they spend the most time, so it stands to reason that your home’s indoor air quality is very important. Any pollutants in the indoor air are 2-5 times more concentrated than they are in the outdoors, so maintaining your home’s indoor air quality should be a priority. If your home’s indoor air quality is compromised, symptoms might show up immediately or even years later, and can significantly affect the health and safety of your family.

A Dusty Air flow guard

What Affects Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality?

Your home’s indoor air quality can be affected by many different pollutants, most of which you probably aren’t even aware of. If you live in an area that is dusty and windy or if you have pets, your indoor air quality can be compromised. If you have been doing renovations or remodeling your home, your indoor air quality can be affected by sawdust, plaster dust, paint, chemicals like varnish or formaldehyde, or byproducts of insulation installation. If your home is suffering from an infestation of pests or animals, you might be exposed to airborne hair, feces, or materials the pests have chewed or dug out of your walls, ceilings, or floors. Cleaning products, lead, car exhaust, pesticides, fires, cigarette smoke, mold and mildew growth, humidity, and more can also dramatically reduce your home’s indoor air quality.

Clean and Dirty vents

Signs of Poor Indoor Air Quality

If you’re not sure if your home’s indoor air quality is poor, take a look at this checklist of signs that your air quality may be compromised. You or your family might begin experiencing:

  • Dry or burning sensation in the nose, eyes, or throat
  • Frequent sneezing or coughing
  • A stuffy or runny nose
  • Fatigue or lethargy
  • Loss of appetite
  • Increased thirst
  • Headaches
  • Dizziness or vertigo
  • Irritability, confusion, disorientation, or forgetfulness

These symptoms might indicate poor indoor air quality, or another health concern. If you develop these symptoms suddenly, they don’t go away, or they worsen over time, you should visit your doctor and schedule an indoor air quality assessment.

Indoor Air Pollution

Indoor Air Quality Testing & Assessments

At Cypress Air, we offer comprehensive indoor air quality testing and assessments to determine your home’s air quality. Our air diagnostic testing is thorough and rigorous, and allows us to quickly identify issues that affect the safety of your home. Our skilled technicians come to your home and test your air duct systems, air filters, the placement and condition of your heating and cooling system, air vents, and more to find out if your air quality is compromised. During your professional air diagnostic test, our HVAC technician will:

  • Check the thermostats to ensure accurate settings and proper connections
  • Test motor functions and adjust any loose connections or lubricate moving parts
  • Inspect the condensate drain for any clogs
  • Clean condenser coils
  • Check blower components for any faulty places
  • Test the cycle of the HVAC equipment

We will then design a personalized plan to improve the indoor air quality in your home.

We Can Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

Over our 55 years in the HVAC industry, Cypress Air has acquired the best equipment for rating indoor air quality in California. Once we have performed an indoor air quality assessment, we swiftly develop a plan of action to improve the quality of the air inside your home and help everyone breathe easier. We carefully explain the results of our air diagnostic testing with you, explain the areas of deficiency, and go over our plan to remedy those issues so your home’s air is safe and clean. We use the following tools and equipment to make your home a healthy space

Test Your Indoor Air Quality in California

Are you ready to learn more about your home’s indoor air quality? Just come see us at Cypress Air. We are experts in evaluating and improving the indoor air quality of our communities in San Gabriel Valley, Orange County, and Inland Empire. To schedule testing of your indoor air quality, just call us today or contact us online.

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