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Air Conditioner Repair by Cypress Air

Reduce the Cost of Air Conditioner Repair

How to Reduce the Cost of Air Conditioner Repair

When your air conditioner isn’t operating properly, it not only makes your home feel miserable, but it also affects the health and safety of your family and pets. High indoor temperatures can make your home no longer feel like a safe refuge after a long day at work, but it doesn’t need to be that way! By scheduling regular, seasonal HVAC maintenance and professional AC repairs as problems occur, you can make sure your air conditioning works hard all summer long.

If your home isn’t cooling quickly enough or at all, and you think you need AC repairs or AC replacement in , the San Gabriel Valley and portions of Orange County and the Inland Empire, our experts at Cypress Air can help. We specialize in quickly diagnosing AC problems and finding cost-effective, long-term solutions so your home is comfortable and safe once again. Call us today to learn more or schedule an appointment. Here’s a quick look at how you can keep your AC running smoothly, improve its efficiency, and extend its lifespan.

Schedule Ongoing and Seasonal HVAC Maintenance

Scheduling ongoing and seasonal HVAC maintenance can keep your system running effectively and efficiently, year-round. Seasonal HVAC maintenance allows your HVAC technician to find and fix problems before they become bigger and more expensive. HVAC maintenance and duct cleaning ensures your HVAC system works quickly and stays strong, so your home stays at a comfortable temperature without your heating or cooling system needing to operate as often. Seasonal HVAC maintenance can improve your indoor air quality, lower your energy bills, and keep your home comfortable year-round.

Fix Problems as They Occur

If you let AC unit problems fester, they will quickly become bigger and more costly, or result in a full AC replacement. By scheduling routine AC maintenance, you can reduce your risk of needing expensive AC repairs, and your HVAC technician can fix problems as soon as they occur.

Change Your Air Filter Regularly

The frequency at which you change your air filters depends on a few different factors: your climate, region, size of your household, if you have pets, the make and model of your AC unit, its age, and how dusty your area is. If you live in a hot, arid, dusty climate, you should change your AC filters once a month, regardless of what the label on the filter says. Likewise, if you have more than one pet, you want to change your air filter monthly to prevent a buildup of pet hair and dander in your air ducts.

If you don’t change your air filters regularly, your indoor air quality declines, contributing to asthma, allergies, and other respiratory problems. Your HVAC system will also operate sluggishly and your energy bills will increase.

Use Your Thermostat Properly

Many people don’t realize that using your thermostat improperly will actually reduce the lifespan of your AC system and cause unnecessary wear and tear. Frequently setting and re-setting your thermostat can also increase your energy bills. Typically, setting the AC at 74 degrees in the winter and 76 degrees in the summer will keep your home at a comfortable temperature day and night without taxing your system. If you plan on being out of town, make sure to set your thermostat higher to avoid wasting energy and money.

Don’t Complete Heating & Cooling Repairs Yourself

Unless you are a trained HVAC technician, you shouldn’t try to complete AC repairs yourself. AC repair requires specialized tools and equipment, and the chemicals used in air conditioning systems are dangerous to handle without proper training and experience, and the risk of electrocution is real. All in all, you’re more likely to cause problems than solve them, and then you will have wasted your time and money. Leave the AC repair to expert HVAC technicians, and call them as soon as you notice a problem.

When to Choose HVAC Replacement

Sometimes, throwing money at AC repairs is actually chasing after a bad investment. Your HVAC technician can let you know if it is more cost-effective and logical to choose AC replacement over AC repair. If your AC unit is old, inefficient, draining money, and requires extensive maintenance and repairs, it will be much more cost-effective to opt for AC replacement.

Schedule HVAC Maintenance

Are you ready to schedule HVAC maintenance or HVAC repairs in the San Gabriel Valley and portions of Orange County and the Inland Empire? Cypress Air’s friendly, knowledgeable team is standing by, ready to find a solution to any problem, big or small. We have decades of experience providing quality, reliable, and affordable HVAC services throughout California, and we pride ourselves on treating customers with honesty, integrity, and respect. There’s a reason we’re the most trusted HVAC company in Orange County! Whether you need heating and cooling repairs or HVAC maintenance, just call us today or contact us online. We can’t wait to hear from you!